Commercial Broilers Production Business

A broiler domestic is any chicken that is breed and raised specifically for meat production.

Many typical broilers have white feathers and yellowish skin.

Most commercial broilers reach slaughter-weight between four and six weeks of age, although slower growing breeds reach slaughter-weight at approximately 14 weeks of age.

Because the meat broilers are this young at slaughter (roughly 500g), their behaviour and physiology are that of an immature bird. Due to extensive breeding selection for rapid early growth and the husbandry used to sustain this, broilers are susceptible to several welfare concerns, particularly skeletal malformation and dysfunction, skin and eye lesions, and congestive heart conditions. Management of ventilation, housing, stocking density and in-house procedures must be evaluated regularly to support good welfare of the flock. The breeding stock (broiler-breeders) grow to maturity and beyond but also have welfare issues related to the frustration of a high feeding motivation and beak trimming.... Best jamb expo Site 

Broilers are usually grown as mixed-sex flocks in large sheds under intensive conditions. Broiler production in Nigeria is a very popular livestock business in Nigeria. As part of poultry farming, a lot of people are into broiler farming in Nigeria.

Our home grown broiler chicken are free from chemicals used to preserve chickens from overseas,they are preserved with our blast/cold room after been slaughtered properly with hi-tech machines.

So if you have interest in this business and need a guide or help on how to start it up either raising live birds and supply or buying and selling of our fresh 9ja frozen/processed chicken you are in the right place and this is a perfect guide is for you.

With our professional and technical support you are good to start which of the branches you find passionate.
Our company is an integrated Agro allied company who has a group of professionals farmers involved in all agribusiness development,training,sales and support services across Nigeria.
Part of ours and objectives is to create a good market value chain bridging the gap between producers and sellers of all agricultural produce in Nigeria.

Presently our company signed an MOU with a chicken company to supply there farmers day old chicks(broilers) help them source for quality chick feeds,coordinate there farmers to produce for them week in week out, market and sell there home grown frozen/ processed broiler chicken to the Nigerian corporate bodies,hotels,banks,clubs,
Fast food/eateries,grocery stores,local frozen food sellers and all the consumers of broiler chicken in Nigeria.

This opportunity is open to both young and old, male and female in the society who are looking to do agribusiness. We will also be glad to give professional advice to individuals who want to go into supply of either live broiler chicken or frozen/ processed chicken.

All required is just a good freezer to store the broiler chicken,a good cooler to transport it to buyers and then a good market survey to get buyers for the chicken.... Waec Expo 2022

E.G an average mallam who roast broiler chicken on the road side of Lagos buys at 1600 naira per kg and sell at 2500 naira depending on the size to final consumers and they buy minimum of 500 kg per week. Then we supply you for 1400 per kg, you are sure to make minimum 200 naira per kg multiply by 500kg which equals 100,000 naira profit for supplying just one mallam, now imagine if you can supply more mallams or more chicken spots in your area you will find out you have just been self employed and making more money than salary earners. You can also supply other hotels,banks,clubs,Fast food/eateries,grocery stores,local frozen food sellers and all the consumers of broiler chicken in Nigeria you make more money and stand the chance to expand for more return.... Best Waec gce expo site